What's the Affiliate Program?

Earn money without having to actually sell anything! You don't even need a website! Generate referral links of your account and post them wherever, once people ordered through the links you posted, you will get commission from the sale, as well as the privilege to get BlitzWolf free samples of new arrival.Register Now!

What I will get from this program?

A. Commissions of 4%-8.5%, according to your monthly sale.
B. Privilege of getting our free sample of new arrivals.
C. Exclusive discounts to promote BlitzWolf products.
D. No limit money off coupons or extra money awards.

What’s required to join the Affiliate?

There’s no must-have requirement. Any resources are allowed to post your referral links, such as:

Your social application, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube.
Forums or Blogs you visit often.
Websites you own or manage.
Advertising on other websites.
More platforms.
As long as someone ordered through the links, you will get your commission. BlitzWolf will take care of the shipping, warranty, service, etc.

Why should we use Amazon Associate?

When you register on Amazon Associate, Amazon will supervise and calculate your earnings justly, and provide a platform for you to view your performance.
Moreover, it will be easier for you to generate your identified links by this.

When will I be paid?

Generally, the commission will be paid to your registered account by Amazon in 30-60 days, for example, Payment for January is made in late March. Payment for February is made in late April.

How do they calculate my sales and commission?

Every links generated by you will be tagged by your account, when people click or order with the links you post, you will see the performance in your Amazon Associate platform. Commission will be calculated as below:    



To protect your privacy, the whole procedure is supervised by Amazon, BlitzWolf will have no access to see any of your account information.

How can I found how many clicks I’ve got for the posted links?

Sign in your Amazon Associate account => Go to the Report => See your performance of all metrics


If you want to receive free samples of new arrivals for review, or coupons for promoting,
please leave us your contact email at the bottom of this page.

How can I generate BlitzWolf Referral Links?

Go to Amazon.com and sign in => Search for BlitzWolf listings => Enter product detail page => Click Short Link To This Page at the top => Copy the link generated and then you can post it to anywhere


How can I get more bonus?

Leave us your contact, we will email you information about our free sample of new arrivals and exclusive coupons to help improve your sales.

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